In sickness and in health

Well, dear X is suffering from the infamous morning sickness these days.
It’s gotten bad enough for her that she was already curled up in bed when I came home from the office at about 9:30 p.m. She had emailed me a couple of times before that wondering when I’d finally come home from the office, and commented that she was at sickness level 80, whatever that meant. Continue Reading


Parental activity

Well, we just came back from the Gulf Islands this weekend, after a wondrous visit with the parentals.
I’d been looking forward to this moment ever since we found out that there was a little cookie baking in X’s oven. I hadn’t told anyone yet, and I didn’t want the first recipients of the news to be some random bloke on the corner asking me for change. It had to be someone important.
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There was I, busy pounding away at my computer in the midst of crunch time at the newspaper, and my trusted Blackberry rings.

It never rings. Usually, X texts or emails me. She never calls, unless it’s an important issue, such as needing the phone number for the sushi place down the block so she can pick up her take-away sushi on the way home from her office. Continue Reading