Sensationally strange sensations

Yes, its been many months – close to a year even? – since I filed a new blog post.
But that’s ok. I forgive myself. I’ve been busy, both X and myself and little YY.
YY is now six going on seven months old, and looking pretty dapper. One part that creeped and fascinated me was that he almost looked like me in my old baby photos. Bright eyes, wandering, searching, eternally curious. And every so often – and I mean often – a crack of a smile in his demeanour. Very cute and whimsical look in his young face.
But the strange sensation? X and I are coparenting, as the coupleS and the new parents that we are. We feel a strange sensation of friendly competitive spirit between us – I despair dramatically when I see YY’s face brighten up when he sees X, after countless minutes of inconsolable crying. And just as I think I’m a neglected father and that little man likes X more than he likes me, the exact same thing happens the other way around.
I said to him in jest that he’s just like us – the grass is eternally greener on the other side. Looking to become a normal human being, little YY is.