Sleep, blessed sleep!

This comes late, a tad late, but we’ve reached another landmark in the never-ending saga that is young YY’s life.
This landmark is a spectacular one, and enables us to catch up on our sleep.
In short: After 16 months of screaming and wailing every time we tried to lower the poor guy into his crib, and after 16 months of waking up bleary eyed in the middle of the night to tend to his many various needs, YY is finally starting to sleep through the whole night.
It’s such a surreal feeling. We haven’t been able to sleep through the night since the day before YY was born – well, give or take a few exceptions where he did sleep through the night, once in awhile.
But successive nights? And without battling it out just before going to the crib? It’s remarkable stuff.
How did it happen? It happened exactly the way other parents told us it would: It just happens. You don’t do anything. There’s no trickery involved. There’s no secret in the sauce. You just go about it day by day, and then all of a sudden, one night, it’s just suddenly much, much easier. It’s as if YY woke up one morning and boldly proclaimed, yes, this shall be the night that I start to sleep the full night.
And now it’s been about 3-4 weeks that he’s been doing this. Maybe a month. Can’t really recall. And it’s utterly fantastic. And surreal beyond belief.
After all, our doctor told us just before he was born: “Take your rest when you can. This will be the last night of sleep you’ll have for the next 20 years.”
Of course he was joking, and of course we laughed. But there were moments where I feared that he may be right.
The surreal part is the masochistic response: In a very odd way, I find myself almost missing the battles, the sleepless nights, the bleary-eyed morning breakfast. Hell, in the early going when YY was just a month old, X and I actually got up and had some tea in the middle of the night because we just knew we wouldn’t be getting much sleep. So we might as well get up, have a tea, and then go back to sleep.
That moment is kind of special to me. One of those dark meetings in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep, except us.
Anyway, I’ve run off in a tangent. Let me bring it back to this: It’s great that little YY is now sleeping full nights. I wouldn’t want it any other way, especially for X, who had been really struggling to get her full night’s sleep.
And now, it’s catchup time. Finally.