Playin’ the blues

No, that title isn’t meant to say that poor daddy is playin’ the blues… it is more literal than anything.

After much discussion between myself and my better half on how to task our little YY with playing music, we decided just to give him the harmonica and somehow teach him that all he needs to do is blow.

And blow, he did, after a few tries. Once he had it figured out, he was suddenly blowing and inhaling, going up and down the harmonica and then putting it down and applauding himself for a job well done. This went on to the point where it was time for dinner and bedtime, upon which we took the harmonica from him. This resulted in a massive temper tantrum -
one of the worst we’ve seen in awhile. The only way we could calm him down enough to eat his dinner was to bring out the laptop and start playing YouTube videos of people playing harmonicas.

It worked. It calmed him down and he ate and went to bed.

But it was really, really neat to see our little 22-month-old playing a harmonica. You know the saying “swelling with pride”? I felt it literally when watching my boy. Seriously, my stomach fluttered like a butterfly and my chest just expanded to the point of explosion – I was that proud and that excited to see this.

I hate to be one of those parents – but I don’t freakin’ care. I’m really proud of him and really happy to see him figure out a little talent when he’s so, er, little. Not even two years old and he’s already figured out the harmonica. That’s my boy!