Changes in connection

Well, we kind of hit an interesting moment in our little YY’s development charts. He has become much, much more talkative now that he’s well past 3 years old and it’s become kind of fun to hang with the little fella. He’s even wanting to hang out with me and he talks up a storm about all kinds of things – Transformers, Optimus Prime, the bugs we see on our daily walks, etc., etc., etc. He’s all-around developing and becoming far more confident in his ways.

Now, his grandparents – my parents – came to visit us for a couple of weeks. My dad’s always gone on about how it’s hard to really develop anything resembling a relationship with someone who’s less than 2 years old because you can’t really talk to them – all you can do is change diapers, put them to sleep, coo-coo them, sing songs, do silly stuff and play simple games. But now, he’s been pleasantly surprised, actually enjoying his time with the little fella because he’s able to interact with him.

Brings to mind the interesting differences in the way women and men bond with their kids. Moms, I find, bond just about right away. They are the nurturing ones who get great joy out of breastfeeding, taking care of the baby, raising and rearing them, while the father often feels kind of pushed out of the picture and playing third wheel in the whole setup. And men, by nature, bond via experience. It’s hard for men – myself and my father included – to really bond with a little crying beast who poops his diapers five times a day.

But now, with little YY sprouting into an actual boy, actually reacting to our conversations, actually initiating conversations, starting games, playing, wanting to help in the kitchen, all that kind of stuff, it makes it much more of a joy to spend time with him.

So, my parents – his grandparents – coming over was a nice little eye-opener for me. Not only did they help take the load off the whole parenting jig, but they also really, really had a lot of fun doing so. It was great to see, and especially interesting to see my dad’s different reactions in playing with our boy.

That’s pretty much all I have to say this time around. Too much work to do right now.