Our little linguistic community

This is a short one. But it deserves attention. In the years of our little boy’s life, we have developed our own little house lingo. Try these on for starters:




Don’t know what those are? Hell, we didn’t know either and we still don’t. All we know is that for our boy, those terms mean everything.

For instance, “yellow baby” – that’s what he says when he wants his mom to cuddle him for awhile. Just wrap him up in her arms and hold him closely so he can chill out and shut out the world just for a couple minutes. “I want the yellow baby!” he would say. Why “yellow baby”? Please, don’t ask. We don’t know either. We just go along with it.

What about “faster oval”? It’s the most bizarre thing. When I take him out of the bathtub all wrapped up in a towel, and put him down on the bed to get him dressed for bed, he shouts out at me, “FASTER OVAL!” Well, sometimes, it’s “SLOWER OVAL!”

What does it mean? Well, he pulls his knees up facing me in a fetal position, and I just wrap him up tightly in his towel and bounce him up and down on the bed by pushing down on his knees again and again. It’s like a mini-trampoline thing. If it’s a slower oval, it means he wants a “slower” version of it. He loves it, and I’m guessing he got the “oval” thing from the shape his body makes when he curls his knees up into the fetal position.

Now, you’re wondering about the “blue home toy”. I have no idea. XX has no idea either. He’s been asking us for this for a few days now. It could be a blue toy at the daycare. We thought it was the blue Power Ranger in our overflowing toy box. But no. It’s something else. We don’t know what it is yet.

More terms shall come shortly. But there you have it. Our little family lingo, which only the three of us know. We are the world’s smallest linguistic community but we’re far from endangered.

Keith MacKenzie

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