Sorry, what was I talking about?

Well, then. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on here. There are so many things – SO MANY THINGS – I’d like to write about, and that I’ve been tempted to write about, but so many things have slipped my mind.

Many years ago, when little YY was still a wee infant, my auntie visited us to get her first glimpse at our little addition to the human race. When we asked her what life was like when she was a new mom – she has two, born so close together that they’re basically Irish twins – her response was that she could barely remember anything.

See, the thing is, those first few years are so heady, so full of mush, poo, pee, puke, and all kinds of chaotic things that it’s hard for your brain to register much at all. You’re up at all kinds of hours of the day and night, taking care of that little feller. And so, memories don’t get stored properly.

Doesn’t matter that these are the greatest days of your life – being a brand-new parent. You may remember vividly the first few hours of your little’un’s life, but after that, the days kind of mush together.

Hence the term: baby brain.

Yeah, that kind of stays after awhile. I’m still a SAHD, a stay-at-home daddy, and even now I’m finding it difficult to remember a lot of things in my son’s life. Not that I’m not having any awesome moments – I am having plenty of those – but rather, when called upon to reach into my memory chest and pull out some delectable morsels for, say, this blog, I come up absolutely empty.

What I need to do is keep a notebook – an e-notebook, anyway – of all the things that happen. Because you know what? Things happen all the time with little YY, almost every hour, just about every day, something happens that makes me think: Well, that’s gotta go into my blog!

And now, here I am, feeling guilty that I haven’t really updated anything here, and well, I’m coming up with blanks. So here’s my promise to any of the readers out there – if there actually are any – that I’ll dedicate myself a little more dedicatively to this task. Maybe a new blog post every couple of weeks? I can do that. It’s not hard at all.

So, little YY is now three years and about three months old. Time to get going. Let’s bring this blog back to life!

Keith MacKenzie

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