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Woburn story comes face to face with Sandy, not SanDeE*

Posted: 30th October 2012 by Keith MacKenzie in Hurricane, Sandy, Storm, Woburn

In one of my favourite movies, L.A. Story, Steve Martin’s weatherman character Harris Telemacher goes on a date with a very young, pre-Sex and the City Sarah Jessica Parker.

Those damn flag waving patriots?

Posted: 12th October 2012 by Keith MacKenzie in Uncategorized

Where Keith sits down for the first time in two weeks, taking advantage of the precious couple of hours in the afternoon when his son is fast asleep in his crib: KIEFER: OK, Keith, let’s get started. KEITH (bleary eyed): Let’s do it. KIEFER: So, how you doing these weeks? KEITH: I’m all right. It’s […]